Welcome to the website of bestselling author Paula Byrne. Kick biography now out: No.1 Bestseller in London & Top 3 Bestseller in the Kennedys’ Irish homeland …

Ebook of Belle now out … and at No.3 in New York Times bestseller list

    Brilliant and sympathetic … sentence by sentence, the book is a joy    (The Guardian)

sparkling … fast-paced … transfixing   (Sunday Times)

This absolutely enthralling biography is written by an expert hand, Paula Byrne, having already penned widely acclaimed bios of both Evelyn Waugh and Jane Austen. Her narrative is deceptively easy and fluid, cleverly belying the enormous weight and variety of her source materials     (Irish Independent)

Byrne conjures such a vivid portrait of her enchanting heroine that one almost feels deprived never having met her    (Daily Mail)

an exciting, heartbreakingly tense love story     (Kirkus Review)

written with panache … as engaging as its subject (Sunday Express)

A fun-loving American charms the English aristocracy with her wit and sangfroid, overcoming prejudice to win the heart of London’s most eligible bachelor …  Paula Byrne … recaptures her brief but fascinating story     (Vogue)